How To Create A Summer Wedding Theme

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Another of the fashionable trends for summer weddings in 2011 is… well, the summery look!   It’s a fresh, pretty theme which taps in to this years’ trends in floral print and bright colours.  If you choose this option, you can carry it off through a variety of means:

  • The style of clothing
  • The flowers
  • Favours
  • The Photographs
  • Wedding cake
  • The reception decorations
  • The stationery

The Dress

This year, summer bridal gowns styles are simple, beautiful and feminine with sheer fabrics and pretty little details.  Wedding colour trends in summer 2011 include coffee, champagne, grey, blush  If you have beautiful, toned, sun-kissed legs you will look fab in the shorter, cocktail style dresses which this year are both stylish and perfect for dancing in.  A summer bride must consider how hot the day might be.  Choose fabrics and styles that will be wearable and breathable in the heat.

On the catwalks this year every collection was full of blossoms, buds and blooms. Dresses featured large giant cabbage roses, silk and dresses actually constructed like giant flowers!  Embellishments are a must for this year’s bride.    An graceful lace parasol paired with a lace handbag could not only compliment your outfit, but also keep you in the shade and be a handy place to keep touch-up make up to disguise a ‘heat glow’ or to carry a discreet bottle of water or mini-fan.

If you are holding your wedding outside on the grass, you could go for the bold choice of going barefoot with ribbons tied around your ankles and toenails painted the same colour as your bouquet or bridesmaids dresses!

The Flowers

2011 summer flowers will be exaggerated in size. Huge flower design has become another trend which is romantic and fashionable.  It also doesn’t have to be budget busting.   You can choose your favourite flower for your bouquet but then choose different types on the tables or in each vase.   Orchids, Ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies, and even roses will survive high temperatures well. Buying locally and in season also ensure maximum freshness.

Wedding Favours

  • Anything decorated with flowers, butterflies or beach themed accessories like shells.
  • a silk or wooden fan or a paper parasol
  • Soap or candles in the shape of flowers
  • Packets of summer flower seeds wrapped in ribbons
  • Chocolate favours could be a disaster in the heat, think carefully before choosing chocolates as an option.


You can have some beautiful shots in summer with all the fresh green grass, leafy trees and brightly coloured flowers and wonderful scenery.  Consider having photos taken by a lake or stream which will sparkle in the sunlight.

The Cake

Why not consider carrying the natural world over on to your cake too.  Embellish with strawberries, roses and ribbons, butterflies, bees and summer flowers.  Cupcakes or a sponge cake may well make a lighter choice compared to a heavier fruitcake.   Alternatively, if you are daring enough to brave ‘the melt’ – chocolate cakes adorned cherries or fresh fruit pieces such as strawberries, raspberries or similar would look exciting and tasty..

If you’re going for a beach-styled summer event, add seashells or coral and place tiny sugar or marzipan flip flops and beach towels around the base!

Venue Decorations

There are two key ways you could dress your wedding – white and pastels or bold and bright.  The crisp fresh white look, combined with pastels, cream coloured daisies, lemons and lime colours and that old favourite, roses is certainly a timeless and classic look.  You can, alternatively, go for a bright, tropical look in colour, using bright patterns, large tropical flowers and outsided table decorations.   For either look, a selection of balloons, ribbons, garlands and bows can be inexpensive options to tie in the look.  You could also consider coloured or plain white lights if part of the wedding will be held outdoors after dark.  If your location has trees close to where you and your guests will be, you could decorate them with lights, hanging ribbons and garlands.

Wedding Stationery

Personalised your wedding stationery: the ‘save the dates’, invitations,  church service, table settings, napkins, favours and photo albums. You can match them to your flowers, colour scheme or with floral details from the garden or beach.  Lemons and limes or buttery creams that compliment and bring out the vibrancy of strawberry, peach, lilac or coffee; pinks and greens, reds and white, pastels and the return of the popular black and white are very much in evidence in this year’s fashionable summer themed wedding.  You could add pictures of your venue, your honeymoon location if you want to make it a truly personalised summer event.

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