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If you looking for budget wedding cake ideas as a way to keep the cost of your wedding down, we can completely understand.  The cost of wedding cakes can be significant and reducing this expense is one way of keeping that tight wedding budget under control.  Its easier than you think to cut the cost of your wedding cake with these great money saving tips and ideas for budget wedding cakes.

DIY Cupcake Towers

Cupcake wedding cakes are now extremely popular trend amongst wedding couples and not just those on a budget.  Having a wedding cupcake tower cake is an easy way to cut the cost of your wedding cake down to the simplicity involved in making your own version of this modern style wedding cake.  Go DIY and get your baking kit out as this really is the easiest type of wedding cake to make.  With literally hundreds of cupcake baking guides and books available, you’ll easily be able to create your own wow factor wedding cake.  If you really want to add something a bit different why not add a giant cupcake as your top tier for a great talking point amongst your guests.

Check The High Street

The top high street stores such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Asda all stock wedding cakes.  More affordable that traditional bakeries, these cakes can still look as stunning at a fraction of the cost.  With option on fillings, decoration and sizes, supermarket and department store wedding cakes are another easy way to keep the cost of your wedding cake a minimum.

Ask Friends & Family

A fab option for those with talented family members or friends is to ask them to make the cake for you.  You’ll find people are keen to help you and this is a more personal contribution to your wedding that will really make a difference.  If icing the cake is not their strong point you can always ask a specialist to ice and decorate the base cake for a more professional finish.

Go Local & Get Quotes

If you’ve seen a stunning wedding cake in a magazine or at an expensive professional cake shop, why not search out local bakeries and cake makers who can create a similar wedding cake.  You’ll find smaller bakeries and local suppliers might be able to slash the cost and save you many.

Simplicity Over Complexity

It’s easy to be seduced by wedding cakes that are 5 tiers high and covered in complex sugar craft.  By going for a smaller wedding cake that is more simple in design you’ll save oodles of pennies.  Add extra portions opting for a sheet cake and less tiers or individual cakes.  You’ll still have a beautiful wedding cake for the photos and for your guest to admire without having lots of waste and a huge bill.

Decorate It Yourself

If the option of baking the cake yourself fills you with fear opt for a plain three tier cake and decorate it yourself.  The art of icing the cake adds unnecessary expense when you can create a beautiful wedding cake using fresh flowers and your own cake decor to cut down on the total cost of your wedding cake.

Alternative Cakes

Be bold an opt for an alternative wedding cake.  Bride and grooms opting for cheesecakes, fairy cakes and stacks of profiteroles is rising in popularity and one effective method for reducing the budget of your wedding cake.  This easily adds a double saving and the alternative wedding cake can easily become the wedding breakfast dessert option.

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