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When it comes to flowers, Spring is an ideal time for  beautiful and stylish flowers.  If you are working to a fixed budget, it is important to consider the flowers you buy.

Top Budget Savvy Tips:

  1. Always choose in-season flowers
  2. Buy flowers wholesale from florists or flower markets
  3. Work with local florists – staying away from those that specialise in wedding flowers or those in high-end areas of town could cut your costs dramatically.  (My own bridal bouquet cost £30 this way!)
  4. Use simple ideas for your bouquet, perhaps hand-tied or a single flower
  5. Select flowers that keep a good, fresh look when out of water for a long time
  6. Get advice from a florist. They’ll often give free advice on flowers and styles, even if you’re not going to use them
  7. Consider whether or not you need flowers in the church/registry office – you’ll only be there for an hour at the most.  Churches, in particular, often have ‘ladies who do’ the flowers weekly.

A bridal bouquet of lavender and pink flowers is often suitable for a spring or summer wedding; lavender and pink wedding flowers are reminiscent of romance, are calming and are truly feminine. The following flowers may be used in a lavender and pink bridal bouquet:

  • rose
  • calla lily
  • orchid
  • hydrangea
  • stock
  • hyacinth
  • iris
  • peony.

Although the rose continues to be the most popular and elegant bouquet flower. Lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids represent the trendier choices. Vivid flower colours will continue in popularity.

Tulips are the obvious favourite for spring wedding bouquets, symbolising perfect love! They come in a variety of colours: near black purple, blues, reds, pinks, yellows, orange and even white. They can begin to droop somewhat when arranged but they can be straightened again by wrapping them in newspaper and then set the stems in water overnight so, for your floral arrangements, plan on purchasing and arranging tulips the day before.  Don’t do them any earlier than  two days before the day.

Orchids are great cut flowers –  they can last for up to a week and hold their shape well. They are available in whites, greens and purples and you can also find ones dyed in colours such as vibrant blue. Worth noting is that dyed orchids also dye the water in the vases. Orchids are a good choice for a busy bride as arrangements can be made several days in advance and still look fresh on the day.

The Gerber Daisy is a fab flower choice for brides who want to make a statement, adding dramatic colour. This bloom works well with other flowers, especially tulips. Its long stalk means it can be used for wedding floral arrangements as well as in bouquets. Also, daisy themed weddings are now becoming a popular choice for Spring brides.

The Lily of the Valley has a short flowering season around April and May. The gorgeous small white flowers have a unique scent that many people adore. These also work well in buttonholes as well as for bouquets. If you are working on a low-cost wedding, though, it is one of the more expensive flowers considering how small it is and out of season it is even more expensive!

Hyacinths have their main season in spring. Although often thought of as a bit old-fashioned, they have a beautiful scent, shape and colour. They can work particularly well as a secondary flower in an arrangement, for example with roses.   Most bridal bouquets include roses – those ancient symbols of love and beauty.

This year, arrangements with a just-picked and looser casual look have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of previous seasons. Ninety five percent of wedding bouquets are hand-tied, where the flowers are gathered together and the stems are wrapped in wide satin ribbon. If you are planning a low-cost or DIY wedding, there are many online videos that show you how do to this.  Brides after more glamorous bouquets add beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls, crystals/rhinestones, and personalised ribbon to dress up plain stems and blooms.

Before considering your flowers you need to know how much you’ve got to spend on them; the colour scheme of your wedding and the theme or vibe you want to have.  The bridal flowers will tie in with each of these very easily – mother nature’s bounty is endless and adaptable!

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